What compels my writing is a deep interest in the many stories about life in the 21st century that fall outside the dominant cultural narratives. Whether as a researcher, essayist, commentator or interviewer I’m fascinated by stories that present the status quo in a new or different light. My writing tends to be inquisitive, deliberative and comparative, and combines different styles and media: from photography and descriptive prose over dialogue and ‘found text’ to reflective and journalistic narratives. I’ve written some reflections on my writing process here.

“It was truly engaging to speak with Jeppe, mostly because his questions were well thought out and showed detailed preparation. They synthesized areas of my work in an elegant manner that brought appropriate and productive tension to the dialogue. Jeppe's interview was one of those rare ones where he called on me to dive into contradictions I hadn't given sufficient thought to and required some resolution. That left me with the responsibility to attempt to make things right.”

Bernie Krause, author of ”The Great Animal Orchestra”

I write about different aspects of cultural change and personal sense-making in the context of ecological crises and social transformation. As a writer I like to engage with ideas, people and projects that explore meaningful responses to the indeterminacy that characterises our present. I like to think I write with people and sometimes I bring the people I write about into the making of my texts.

I’ve always straddled disciplinary divides and I feel a need to interrogate fixed positions and boundaries – my thesis is a good example of this. My Greenland Diary is an unfinished introduction to climate change and Diary #2 was a research diary I kept during the work for my PhD.

Besides Refigurations I write a blog called Remembering which draws together different strands of thinking about community, collapse, cultural narratives and social change. I also write for the blog over at time culture and have been a regular contributor to the Science, Society and Sustainability (3S) blog along with various other sites and blogs.

Below you’ll find examples of my writing, online and in print, spanning interviews, commentaries, academic articles, reflective essays, and reviews:

» Repairing the silent spring – A conversation with Bernie Krause, Dark Mountain, issue 6, Summer 2014.

» Ragnarok and the fate of the Danish soul, Remembering blog, January 2014.

» Reflections on building a new time culture, Earthlines, Issue 5, May 2013.

» In the field of time, Redrawing the Maps blog, November 2012.

» Repossessing the future (with Morten Svenstrup) in Dougald Hine and Keith Kahn-Harris: Despatches from the Invisible Revolution, PediaPress, February 2012.

» A tool for building community resilience? A case study of the Lewes Pound, Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, Vol. 17, Issue 2, February 2012.

» Review of Debt – The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber, International Journal of Community Currency Research, Vol. 16, 2012.

» Rain in a paper cup, introduction to Greenland Diary, Summer 2008.

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