These are some of the collaborators, inspirators and friends who motivate my work. Some are lifelong friends, some are more recent acquaintances or colleagues, and others again are people whose work I’ve engaged with virtually. Everyone is part of what I see as a community which supports and coheres with my work – a web of interconnected lines of flight driving in a similar direction.

Andrew Taggart leads a life of inquiry. He is a philosophical counsellor and one of the most gifted conversation partners I have ever met.

Bridget McKenzie is usually in Flow. She is a is a writer, photographer and learning consultant who initiates different forms of creative action and builds tools for the future.

Cat Lupton explores the edges of things on her journey between stories. She asks questions that cut across the acculturated fears and conditionings of language.

Charlotte Du Cann is a writer and activist who is building new allegiances between people and the planet through medicine stories and grassroots organising.

CoLAB is a collaboration with my old friends Kenichi Hamada and Anca Mihalache which offers sustainable design and methods for the built environment.

Concentric Dialogue is an open conversation without an agenda which aims to give voice to clarity in community by nurturing creative responses to social fragmentation.

Daniela Othieno thinks deeply about the nature of beauty. Her aesthetics takes her into the dark and uncomfortable as well as the precious and beautiful.

Dougie Strang’s artwork and performances are doorways into the liminal and enchanted world that modern society strives to hide beneath fences and concrete.

Emily Wilkinson is an artist-maker and wordsmith who writes poetry with objects and explores the ways in which artistic expression, journeying and community connect.

Envoy Partnership provides evidence-based advice on evaluating and communicating social, economic and environmental impacts.

Gustavo Faleiros is a pioneer of geojournalism and, among other things, editor of the Brazil based environmental news portal ((O))eco.

Iain Rowley’s creative writing explores the conceptual and practical consequences of the cultural devaluation of midwifery.

Jeff Shampnois is probing the limits of thought. Really.

Jonatan Spejlborg Jensen has a sense for wildness and magic which he brings into the world at his school on the east coast of Iceland.

Laura Billings works to surface & share knowledge and practices from grassroots projects from all over the world.

Mark Watson defies description. He is a unique spirit who has dedicated a large part of his life to understanding and working with plants.

Mike Hulme is a world expert on the science, history and discourse of climate change.

Morten Svenstrup is a cellist, performer and thinker whose work explores boundaries and how to expand them. He is the other half of time culture.

Noel Longhurst is a scholar of political economy, innovation studies and countercultural spaces. He is also a leading UK thinker on community currencies.

Peter Holm Jensen is a translator and he carries a big room around inside him.

Steve Thorp is a poet, soul-maker, and beach dweller who gives counsel for a living.

Susie Showers is an inimitable sustainable entertainer, puppeteer, master of ceremonies, heart-mindster, and travelling teacher.

Tessy Britton is a researcher and social designer who creates inclusive and transformative community spaces to make society work better.

The Dark Mountain Project is network of writers, artists and thinkers who have stopped believing the stories civilisation tells itself. It is curated by Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine.

Topograph inquires into the becoming and making of places. This is the academic powerhouse of Helen Pallett and Martin Mahony.

Tony Dias is an designer, artist and writer who explores the role of learning and creativity in helping us navigate times of uncertainty.

Vanessa Buth cares. Her work gives voice to the under-represented, builds community and forges alliances between different visions for change.


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