1. To figure anew; to give new meaning, shape or form.


    a. To discover a previously unknown quality or pattern.

    b. To release reified movements of thought.

Welcome to, a site which draws together the work and virtual presences of Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard.

This site cultivates non-partisan, post-factional modes of interaction and explores the emergence of ways of thinking, speaking and being that are appropriate to a time defined by crises in meaning. You can find out about my work in the What I do section.

I write about different aspects of meaning- and sense-making on the Refigurations blog (find my other blogs via the links below). The Community page outlines the connections and inspirations that nourish what I do. If you want to strike up a conversation or collaboration, visit the Work with me page. And this is where you can find out More about my virtual journey.



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