Refiguring is a text which evolved from a place in my heart I didn’t know existed until I gave up hoping for the future and surrendered to it instead. The essay on the front page is the first of three texts exploring the consequences of that surrender. The second and third chapters were published via a newsletter – you read them in the newsletter archive. You can also listen to a reading of the second essay here:

This writing is also an invitation into a conversation: I’ve encountered more questions than answers in the making of this text, so I’d love to hear your take on my enquiry in whatever form that may take. If you have enjoyed the essay, I would appreciate any contribution to making it travel a little further. Share it, print it, publish it, send it to someone you know traverses similar territory.

About the author

In my more philosophical moments I’m inclined to say that I am just the spilling over of the pouring rain in a paper cup that someone left on the table outside before seeking shelter. For the purpose of description: my name is Jeppe and I am a parent, teacher, researcher and writer who currently lives close to Ry in Denmark. This site started out as a sort of digital business card – you can visit the archive if you’d like to find out more about my work. I also have a second online home where I sometimes publish blog posts in English or Danish and weave together some of my online projects.

Somehow writing this essay has changed me. Although I’ve spent most of my adult life writing all sorts of texts, I didn’t know that writing could do this. I suspect this is not something inherent to writing but has to do with looking at the state of the world, becoming a parent and caring, having a practice, forgoing answers and being open to what life is bringing. If you’re in a similar corner of life, or just interested in that kind of change, don’t be shy. I’m slow with replies these days but I’m here on the other side of the screen and the wires.

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