I get involved in projects with people who are passionate about community, ecology and culture. To me a project simply means a space or collaboration that makes it possible to explore and practice new aspects of a given context or problematic – strengthening the skills, knowledge and life possibilities of those involved. I take on a variety of roles in the projects I’m involved with, from visioning and organisational tasks to facilitation, skill-sharing and artistic work.

“Jeppe brings people together who may not have otherwise met. His work is always people-focused, always practical, he makes ideas accessible and possible to shape into solutions for a struggling planet.”

Susie Showers, sustainable entertainer and founder of Dark Squid, Inc.

These are some of the projects I’ve been involved with in recent years:

I was part of the co-founding group for The Common Room in Norwich which has transformed a disused church into a community hub run by its members. I helped set up the initial organisation which developed the concept, put on open days, and made connections within the local community. Here’s a video that shows what The Common Room is like:



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Together with my childhood friend Morten Svenstrup, I set up which is a platform for dialogue about time in the networked society. We’re interested in honing the perceptual and conceptual skills needed to handle the fast and accelerating timescapes of contemporary life. We hold public talks and workshops, maintain a virtual platform and have published the conceptual toolkit Towards a New Time Culture.

I have designed, planned and run the interactive art-happening Heart-Mind Computer. In its first incarnation it consisted of nine different installations in the UEA Sainsbury Centre, Norwich. Part performance and part installation, the exhibition explores different environmental themes in relation to participants’ own lifeworlds. In Norwich, the project involved co-ordinating nine different artists’ work, directing an actor, getting familiar with various technologies and managing the Centre’s management team (and their health and safety regulations!). This is a short video from the exhibition:

The Royal Park Community Consortium in Leeds was a project which aimed to re-open a disused school for community use. I helped develop and present the consortium’s business plan to the city council, assessing the social and environmental benefits of putting the building to community use.

The Brixton Pound is an ongoing experiment in using a community currency to strengthen local social and economic resilience. During its first phase I was part of the team that engaged with local businesses and built a network of shops that accepted payment in this new currency.

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